Merchants Information Solutions Updated Security Policy


Merchants Security

Merchants Information Solutions, Inc. values your business and as a leading Identity Theft Protection and Background Screening Solutions provider, we know the importance of protecting confidential personal information and preventing data breaches. To that end, Merchants is continuously looking to improve the security of our applications while ensuring that your needs are being met.

New Experian Regulations

Data for all of the credit reports provided by Merchants is obtained by Experian®, one of the three major credit reporting agencies. In January 2011, Experian® announced that … “Concern over a growing number of attempts to obtain and misuse logon credentials by identity thieves has led to a review of end user authentications standards, both our own and that in use by our distribution partners. Authenticating the user is a basic but effective method to control access to data. In order to address new concerns and improve data security, Experian is today implementing a policy to require more robust authentication of users at the point of access, through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).” This policy change by our partner necessitated a change of the security policies held by Merchants.

Affected Applications

Our pre-employment background screening application, HRScreen, as well as our tenant screening applications, Resident Screening and Resident Insight, all use Experian® credit reports. We have added an additional layer of security to each of these applications in order to comply with the new Experian Regulations. In addition to your username and password combination, you will now be required to use a secure Virtual Token. This Virtual Token is a secure and non-invasive method for positively identifying your computer without adding any hardware or software to it.

Creation of a Virtual Token

During your initial logon process, you will be asked to create a Virtual Token. A Virtual Token is essentially a bookmark which also stores encrypted information about your computer to positively identify your machine. Only the bookmark is stored on your computer, and the information we collect (IP address, browser capabilities, and operating system information) is never shared with anyone.

Storage of a Virtual Token

When you browse the web, every location that you store is saved as a “Favorite”. Once you have successfully created a Virtual Token for your Merchants application, you will need to use this Virtual Token each time you want to login. To find your Virtual Token, go to your Favorites folder and select the token (i.e. favorite or bookmark).

Future Plans

In the future, you will access all Merchants web applications from the comfort of a single login page. The Merchants Central Login will provide you with a centralized location to access not only our Pre-Employment Background Screening and Tenant Screening applications but also our Pre-Employment Integrity Testing, and Identity Theft Protection and Recovery Solutions.*


*Each product line needs a different account set up. Please contact our Sales Department at 1-877-647-6225 for further information.